Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prada 2010 Early Spring Miami Tropical Hangbags

Prada 2010 early spring Cruise Collection Series pops up with high fashion and will combine the elements of those from Miami Beach and the surfing world with the elegant fabrics. There are so many places applying repeatedly to "tie" approach, such as coats, scarfs, swimwear and so on. This "knot" will reflect gentle femininity in the shades of dark color and light color.

Prada handbags 2010 Pic1

A large number of colorful spray scrolls, flowers and Patterns printing, as well as the bright multi-colors are throughout the series of early spring. As for the paring of the clothes, a pink print western style dress, bikini hot pants of print scarf and bright color shirts filled with a tropical vacation atmosphere are the main tones. Knotted printed scarves with the use of a butterfly is the focus of this season. They appear in irregular T-shirt collar and sleeves, skirt and wrap on the article and shoes and other accessories, with the light flowing gait exuding charm and elegant style.

Prada handbags 2010 Pic2

Although the clothes are chic, I find that the most attractive factor in this early spring show is the handbag full of Miami Tropical flavor. The most fascinating parts in early spring is the lovely color print bag with the scarf sandals of the same color that show youthful vigor of the first breath of spring. A range of exquisite leather accessories are the focus of this seaso. Prada classic leather embossed material is widely used, showing luxury sport style while the pastel colors completely express the romantic style of the holiday.