Friday, January 29, 2010

Leighton Meester wearing Louis Vuitton outfit with Louis Vuitton minibag

Leighton Meester is really a idol. The more I see of Leighton Meester on the red carpet, the more I like her even there is rumour that she might be completely insanity. And I am doubting that. Leighton is younger, so her insanity is not as advanced or robust as MiMi’s, but give her some time, I don’t think she’ll disappoint us. She has already started to cultivate a bizarre little singing career side project thingy, complete with a weird, kitschy video that didn’t appear to be kitschy in an ironic way.

leighton meester wearing louis vuitton outfit with louis vuitton minibag

She also wears many different, off-kilter things on the red carpet, which I absolutely love her sytle. She takes more chances than the average starlet on a teen drama would ever dream of, and it often pays off in spades. I have to say that I love this outfit and the Louis Vuitton Minibag from 2010 Spring/Summer which she’s carrying with it. This bag is really new collection. Only some VIP from Louis Vuitton or celebrities can have. Another reason why I so love her sytle is not only the dress and bags are from Louis Vuitton, but also she combine the dress and bag look very matchable. The colors, the outlook logo, her hair etc. Anyway, everything is so nice on her outlfit. She is really a fashion icon without any doubt.

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