Friday, December 31, 2010

F/W Vivienne Westwood Red Labal 2010

Vivienne Westwood Red Labal 2010 autumn and winter series, with regard to ordinary street clothes into the high-end fashion, heat bland, regardless of the line contour, cut, fabric and even the use of colors are just right, wearable and match are greatly enhanced, a hundred Change the image of easy-go!

Red Label has always been for the rebel ladies. This time in pink, orange and red lines popliteal brighten dreary winter, coupled with Vivienne Westwood Plaid favorite strips and, together with three-dimensional style of iconic tailoring skills, stylish and full of rich Apart from the visual, but also modification of female figure, a simple match high heels, high profile type will show exhaustive and beauty, eye-catching full.

Vivienne Westwood Orb logo was created by true to its quarterly jewelry designs are everywhere, and now a 2010 series of autumn and winter, how can or lack of jewelry! New work follows the basic philosophy, coupled with innovative meteor, pins and hearts, combined, and then coated with soft background colors and crystals which, eye-catching, pleasant, and the heart of a captive woman masterpiece.

Vivienne Westwood has always been words and deeds of the Empress Dowager a bit, dare to make outspoken, and even dress up are not simple. In recent years, according to both husband and wife team of brand advertising battle, with her husband Andreas Kronthaler put in different poses with the torch up to no good, but also recruited friends Pamela Anderson cameo friendship. In short, the focus is everywhere.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Timberland Work Boots&Nicky Hilton

If ED Hardy skeleton printed lace up boots should invite Agyness Deyn as spokeswoman, then Timberland Work Boots need to treat Nicky Hilton their No.1 option fake louis vuitton handbags. The handsome girl who loves fedora, black blazer, skinny pants and calfskin boots with all her heart, knows how to express American cowboy style. When she travels to Europe with her sis Paris Hilton, she wears a standard pilot girl attire in funky contrast with Paris' girlish blouse and leggings. What's more, during her journey in Australia Fashion Week, her simple off-shoulder printed shirt and sleek black cowhide flat boots are stronger than any feminine getups. Ain't these in accord with Timberland wonderland explorer spirit? So it's wisest to appoint Nicky Hilton the global propaganda girl for Timber work boots, the representative in Timberland family.

As 2010 fall/winter is drawing near, Nicky Hilton tells you the inevitable trend. That is, to prepare a pair of strong splendid Timberland work boots to shape a brand-new gorgeous you. Christian Louboutin ankle boots are amazing indeed, yet they are more for sweet girls like Alexa Chung. We are not fashionstas and hence we needn't don some filmy black stockings and monochrome Christian Louboutin tuxedo-inspired ankle boots and looking fragile in freezing days.

The Timberland work boots, by contrast, not only keep you in style but protect you from the aggression of merciless winds. This is the real combo of function and fashion louis vuitton handbags with silk scarf. So just get ready for a coveted pair!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Who will succeed Karl Lagerfeld?

Who will succeed Karl Lagerfeld? Country Life in the Father heard the news you want to Resurrection, people continue to guess the name louis vuitton toiletry bags. You say not, I said not, `All is not, so we imagine, including design director of Lanvin's Alber Albaz, Dior Homme former chief designer Hedi Sliman, or is it just joined the Theory of Olivier Theyskens, these bit design master is not the most suitable candidate, Father had to make a decision after all this, but he has remained silent outside, make things more complicated and confusing.

In an interview with Father a few days ago a magazine interview, and finally face the problem of succession, he said: "Since I signed with the Chanel contract for life, so to some extent, who will be my successor, I would like to depend on to whom should this position. And this moment, I hope this one is Haider Ackermann! "

Recall the recent Chanel show, Haider Ackermann really have to see the figure, it appears that Father still remain some hint to us, but unfortunately no one would want to whither. For the name, I believe most people are not very familiar. Born in 1971 in Colombia, the designer, the famous Antwerp in Belgium, the Royal College of Art studies, and intern at the John Galliano has done.

In 2002, he was friends with the help of Raf Simons own company, first released it caused a tremendous sensation of clothing, then by the Italian leather manufacturer Ruffo Research hired as chief designer louis vuitton replica bags. After his design more and more mature, also were used compared with Hussein Chalayan. Draping his best, able to fold a piece of fabric the way through the part of the formation of a roundabout at the end did not affect the overall lines in clothing, so the fold Haider Ackermann became the label.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Farewell with Vera Wang

Vera Wang, the number of girls in the eyes of the creator of the perfect wedding, recently announced that it will end its brand design for the bridesmaid dress business. More than 100 brands over Vera Wang bridal salon will end next Monday received new orders for custom bridesmaid dresses. All of the bridesmaid dress brand business will be fully transferred to the main brand of the traditional style of wedding: "David's Bridal".

Since last May, Vera Wang with the "David's Bridal" brand signed a contract to design a series of more affordable wedding dress, named "White by Vera Wang". Vera Wang wedding dress compared to the brand's easily five or six thousand dollars, even thousands of expensive wedding, most of this series focused on the 1200 price of around U.S. dollars. Once "David's Bridal" has sold 150 stores to get the public's pursuit. Even after the line which extends to custom designed bridesmaid dresses and wedding shoes, and many other.

Vera Wang bridesmaid dress their own brand business, was once the best operating conditions, turnover of 500 million U.S. dollars. However, as Wang bridesmaid dress business only in certain stores and bridal salons to provide customers with subscription services, in recent years more and more difficult in this part of the business, the order quantity is difficult to guarantee.

This, by and "David's Bridal" after brands an opportunity to get good results, in order to obtain a wider range of more reasonable and higher sales revenue, Wang finally decided to brand all the bridesmaid dresses custom service transferred to the "David's Bridal "brand to handle care, and by their own and" David's Bridal "design team to complete the design work.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fendi Roll Bag Tote with Floral Pattern

I am interested in Oriental items these days. In extravagance world, I also find some adorable ones. Fendi Roll Bag Tote is one of them. It is inspired from a Japanese designer who focuses his work on making beautiful and elegant clothes. His desgining concept of paying attention to the trival life detail is shown clearly in this bag.

Flower motif is a common decoration in desginer handbags including Chanel, Valentino, sometimes Louis Vuitton. The gorgeous zucca coated canvas with a charming bouquet of flowers make the bag elegant. As the saying goes, art is originated from life but beyond life.

Despite the attractive appearance, the bag also wins aficionados' favors for its versatile functions. Measuring at 14.25' wide, 11" high and 5.5" deep, this tabacco colored tote bag is characterized by a spacious contour and it is able to hold your daily neccessities.

Art and fashion are in the same principle. So this Fendi floral motif coated bag is a superb daily carryall for those fashion chasers with a unique sense for vogue. It will be a wise decision to get this bag.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Prada Leather Tote and Paris Hilton

The puppy dogs in Paris Hilton's villa is as many as her Louis Vuitton pegase suitcases displayed on her flight for South Africa World Cup, and Paris Hilton does have a thing for displaying her love for these pets. She doesn't care if there is a puppy lovely enough to steal her showtime.

The fact is, pets are no more than an effective tool to grab the attention of camera lens and hot pursuit of paparazzi. Even though Paris Hilton's streetsnaps are getting worse and worse recently, she needn't bother about keeping high photograh rate. Look how smiley she's when carrying her puppy dog and her sumptuous Prada leather tote.

The taupe Prada leather tote is worlds apart from Jessica Alba's grey Prada Crystal tote. Jessica Alba keeps to low-key simplicity. The grey Prada Crystal tote may be the only pricy outfit amongs her wayfarer shades, grey cardigan, black tank and holed jeans. Everyone loves Jessica Alba's discreet arrangement but no everyone is clear about the real highlight Paris Hilton wants to convey. The animated puppy dog or the gorgeous Prada leather tote?

You see, it's not always fine to have too many choices and too many outfits. Don't take pains just to make your closet as huge as Paris Hilton's, just settle down to let yourself look easy breezy and focusing on one point. That's enough to generate good fashion. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

PENNYBLACK of This Season

PENNYBLACK was born in 1978, the famous Italian clothing brand. The elegant design, superior fabric, exquisite workmanship and comfortable to wear, freedom of the match, excellent price, so that active self-confident urban women fully display the unique charm of its own. Young designers from around the world to create innovative ideas for the PENNYBLACK three series, black label, suitable for work and attend important meetings in the daily commute wearing equipment; gray label, for weekends and casual leisure wear ; pink labels for important occasions in the present, a grand celebration party and wearing a small dress.

This season, PENNYBLACK soften a charming woman tell the story. Multi-layered style to wear with this season's focus, whether it is a fifth sleeve cape-style jacket and matching long-sleeved sweater, or striped sweater jacket sleeve with the same color combination, but also wool socks or long sections ankle boots with stacked, are addictive.

Craftsmanship, the military style and classic design will have unveiled this season's coats. Boots and suede high-heeled shoes, plus handbags and accessories, hand bags, etc.

It needs to create a simple beauty to the UK from the new wind and other cool shapes. Casual or leisure, or dignified and generous, or sexy, style, Variety, the trend of change, fall and winter blooming fashion elegant charm.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mulberry Messenger Shoulder Bag Loves Agyness Deyn

Don't limited Mulberry messenger shoulder bag the pet of Alexa Chung. Now there is a collection of Mulberry bags being named after Agyness Deyn! On the one hand, this indicated the crazy popularity of the gorgeous tomboy Agyness Deyn and Mulberry House has to take it into account. On the other hand, Mulberry has been rising up.

Though compared with the long-established respected brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, Mulberry has a relatively short history, yet it doesn't matter. The representative Mulberry messenger shoulder bag wins fashionistas over with its timeless England style and outstanding craftsmanship.

Splicing detail between different materials, discreet trim and rivets are the commonest way to convey the quality of the leather in every Mulberry messenger bag. The cool aptitude of it attracts tomboy Agyness Deyn without doubt.

If you love Mulberry, treat yourself with a Mulberry Agyness messenger bag. IT girls can kick ass. It is not only Hermes Birkin handbags that are named after French singer Jane Birkin and Hermes Kelly after Princess Grace Kelly. Agyness Deyn demonstrated the might of the new generation.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Anna Hu Joins Hands with Jason Wu

Anna Hu refined and advanced custom jewelry represents a distinct want to express her design philosophy, classical and elegant mood and whim of the illusion is always perfect for the pursuit of technology and technology based on the principle host, making each piece flashing all the power of life. When the senior fashion custom jewelry encounter, when the classical interpretation of the trend, Anna Hu and Jason Wu of the joint is not a common vision destined to pass, more like a host of classic and modern luxury festival, which is advanced custom jewelry Anna Hu the first cross-border stylish new start point, is about to sing the Chinese jewelry prelude to the world stage.

2010 will be staged at the Jason Wu fashion show a few months before the early morning, Anna Hu will always lay down the heavy hand work, with dreams burst into the Studio, and Jason Wu offer in the future design of hall, in their hearts do not always have a contaminated the Holy Land left to their own design, approval, argument, just a few hours of silence in alternating meetings, is designed so that they come together pure dream, is the diligent pursuit of perfection so that they burst forth in the discussion the spark of the soul.

In line with Jason Wu season Luxury Casual design concepts, Anna solid selection of black and white diamonds and black gold plating decorate the way to do marry Jason Wu. Wen Wansheng open white jasmine costumes dance masterpiece in the shake on top of the world, both seamlessly with for this season brings the most memorable Star bright.

Now, female fashion, art celebrities eager than ever to the works of Anna Hu, designer jewelry art with a shake of the soul, the most prosperous places in the United bloom elegant and refined fragrance.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gucci Maison Launches in Wenzhou

Gucci Wenzhou Maison launched on Octobor 11! The scenario is not weaker than Louis Vuitton New Bond Street Maison launch party in May. Though there were no Western celebs, the whole maison get thrilled by the Wenzhou customers who couldn't wait to rush into the hall and begin their crazy shopping spree.  Till late at night, the busy hilarious scene went on. As per the report by the staff, at least four Gucci bags were sold within an hour. Note that these pricy bags would cost the buyers tens of thousands of RMB. This was incredible and can't take place in the cities surrounding Wenzhou.

Gucci Wenzhou Maison is as gorgeous as Shanghai flapship store. Every week there are new arrivals which comes in the same pace with Shanghai Maison's. What's more, all the goods sold from Gucci Wenzhou Maison come directly from Italy. The only difference from Shanghai Gucci Maison is, there are no women's clothes. Actually it doesn't affect Gucci Wenzhou Maison's sale volumn. Everyday scores of Gucci watches, handbags, men's suits, shoes and other accessories are expected to sell.

Gucci's charm is paramount. The nearby shopping mall and supermarkets are the first ones to feel Gucci's might. It's amazing to spot hundreds of customers shopping in such a luxe maison whose size is just 400 square meters.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hong Kong Rank Among the List of Prada

Spokesman of Italian luxury brand Prada Group told AFP a few days ago that they are making a research of the most suitable market city among the world's major financial centers, including Milan, London and New York and Hong Kong. They all rank among the list.

Group spokesman said, Prada preparation for the listing plan has been lasted for several years, and they are studying, the dates are uncertain. It is not necessary to select as the market base in Milan, Italy, the world's financial centers are considered within the context of Hong Kong, London and New York. Until the most appropriate market environment, they will move to implement this major market.

As one of the most famous brand among Italian luxury goods industry, Prada family and the husband of Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli Group General Manager holds a 94.89% stake in Italian bank and Intesa Sanpaolo holds the remaining 5.11% stake. Group's brands include Prada, Miu Miu and Church's shoes and Car Shoe brands.

Hong Kong is the financial center that attracted the most listed companies in the world in 2009. Its financing capital was $ 31,800,000,000, of which the major is to enter the Asian market in Europe and North America, company. May the French cosmetics company L'Occitane (L'Occitane) on the choice of listing in Hong Kong to become the first French company in the local market.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Ascends Film Industry

Next month, Dolce & Gabbana will launch their first film "Quando, Quando, Quando". As the designers's involving in the film industry was rampant, following Valentino, karl lagerfeld, Tom ford, there is another super designer that is involved in the fashion circle. Of course, if "The Devil wears prada" and "The September Issue" are not included. In fact, Dolce & Gabbana is not the first one that is involved in films. Before that. Before that, many of their predecessors have filmed a lot of movies.

Among so many, Karl Lagerfeld is the most famous one. Several works have been published and have received great acclaimation. Others, such as Valentino, Tom ford also tried it, which let we can not help but wonder, why do you all want to be the director? We have to try it? "Valentino: The Last Emperor" will be still put on theaters at the Venice Film Festival.

To be the best documentary film in Chicago, it will but also be on display in the Hamptons and Miami Film Festival. March 27 film screening in Chicago and April 3 in Los Angeles and San Francisco. On April 1, Garavani, Giancarlo Giammetti and Tyrauer will also celebrate the show in LACMA.

In the dizzying change of scene in movies, the audience is almost impossible to remember clothes and accessories of every brand, but they are shrouded in Prada movie title the common name, the movie character personality traits are also included. Prada extends personality using the original film and is associated with the women in the workplace, causing the target consumers resonate more strongly. Because of "The Devil wears Prada" Meryl Streep received an Oscar award.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What Does Louis Vuitton Bring for This Valentine's

As the date February 14, 2010 Valentine's Day is approaching, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton also launched a new accessories items for lovers and couples to create a beautiful ad large romantic atmosphere.

The new Louis Vuitton products include women bags, wrist watches, rings, bracelets, men neckties, belts, briefcases, shoes, sunglasses and so on. Here we can see that Louis Vuitton has provided a number of options for those who are in pursuit of luxury life style. Whether you are Louis Vuitton's fan or not, you can not miss the moment.

Louis Vuitton specially presents Tambour Monogram Vernis Pomme d'Amour watches which integrates the auspicious colors, romantic poetry, clever visual effects and bright red patent leather Pomme d'Amour Monogram and other details and welcome the 2010 Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year with warm arms.

The Louis Vuitton new Fizzy Heart Pomme d'Amour Valentine's watches are also very appealing and the surface is heart-shaped with 47 diamonds.

The paragraph-ray pattern dial of the medium Fizzy Heart Pomme d'Amour quartz watch matches so well with the red patent leather strap. The edge has 12 diamonds and the whole seems magnificent and lucrative. Small Monogram Vernis Pomme d'Amour quartz watch has the exquisite design.

The pictures are not exaggerating here and I strongly recommend you to buy even one kind among them. They are as gorg eous as what they used to be.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Customize Your Levi’s Curve ID

I believe that many women have long been explored to the hip of their own password. Levi's Curve ID introduces the "tailor-made" concept in ragard to the differences between the global stature of women. And it introduces traditional product lines tannins in September 2010 the female subversion. The ratio had been previously proposed can be classified as Slight Curve (S type), Demi Curve (D type), Bold Curve (B type) three figure.

And it targets at three kinds of figures, the car sutures, pocket location, lower back and legs coated cutting design changes, so tannins pants not only to functional modification, can better meet the needs of various stature of comfort women, to achieve the perfect fit and self-cultivation effect.

In recent days there have been many discussions and experience about women, for this near-perfect way to find a suitable pair of jeans was surprised, Levi's trains a group of professional surveyors in all shop counters, in addition to helping people identify their own Password stature, but also in response to the advent of the digital era, in rolling out the network fitting room at the moment.

Women in Taiwan can find the curve of their own dedicated password easily in the Levi's Curve ID Web site, through a virtual interactive interface.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Braun Büffel Spring/Summer 2010

Through spring and summer of 2010, punk and metal colors of the wind noise, the 2010 autumn and winter fashion return to peace. Has always been more abstract design will concentrate on further characterization on the traditional style, with innovative materials and details of the changes in re-branding the classic charm.

Braun Büffel, handed down a century-old brand from Germany, followed the European tradition of aristocratic and exclusive hand-made craft, to "calm the atmosphere, restrained luxury, reliable quality" and famous. In the 2010 autumn and winter series, with natural materials, changing the hierarchy of texture and rich, classic look for in a new bright spot, created a brand reflect the texture of the charm of autumn and winter.

Braun Büffel season of women's leather with soft, shiny, plastic leather and strong, emphasizing the effect of the level under perfect texture. Lizard-patterned leather-pressure material, distinguished by the color gradient highlight the classic, silky smooth skin and wood, the thick dark reddish brown with a warm autumn and winter atmosphere revealed.

In addition, the simple elegant lines to create the perfect texture is the key word. Designers do not arrange too much decoration and set off, but around the simple melody, to smooth the curves, neat slant, rotation of the fold, decorated with three-dimensional effect of a strong metal accessories and woven strap, showing the modern woman hardness with softness, offbeat personality style.

Distinguished, low-key, casual, fun, multi-faceted women's fashion leather goods in the autumn and winter in the Braun Büffel 2010 natural show.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nicky Hilton looks great with PS1

If you need to hold some celeb's circumstance to illustrate what it implies to acquire much less is more, who would you can be found up with? even now searching for your answer? I'll provide you with a hint. The wealthiest sisters inside the world. Yes, I'm speaking about Hilton sisters. Bejewelled Paris Hilton usually loses her style skirmish in the direction of her understated sis Nicky Hilton. although she has millions of beaded headbands, millions of gemstone pendants and a tremendous variety of banquet clothing to arm her, she has obtained to really feel frustrated trigger her sis, the tomboy styler whose getups are not other than monochrome stuff or military-inspired or cowboy-accented clothes, is stealing much more and much more showtime from her.

The unhappiest dilemma to Paris Hilton is, her a tremendous variety of ultra-luxurious customized bags, merely an assembly of each of the decent makers globally, appear tiny and shabby when bumping into Nicky Hilton's versatile Proenza Schoulder Messenger bag. which means you see, simplicity performs miracle as well as the unbeatable PS1 speaks loudestly.

The PS1 dark leather-based messenger bag is designed to acquire at Nicky Hilton's most exceptional program as every inch in it is toned with neutrality and simplicity. Nicky Hilton appears definately stunning owning a eco-friendly army accented coat, casual whitened best and grey leggings, topping away her ensemble using the handsome PS1 bag even although Paris Hilton appears so pale although her strap halter maxi apparel is gaudy enough.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hermes Mini Delly Pouchette Comes in Bright Colors

For daytime using, I prefer Hermes Birkin bags. It would be very glorious to own one as many celebrities have been spotted with them. However, for evening using, I would rather take this Hermes Mini Kelly Pouchette. In a sleek and modern design, it is suitable for me to carry it to an evening party. On the one hand, it has enough room for holding my essentials for evening parties due to the dimension of 12"L x 3"W x 5.5"H. Besides, the interior pocket would also add much convenience to me.

On the other hand, this bag, with bright colors gives off a relaxed and refreshing feeling. Elegant and nice with several colors, it is shining among all Hermes handbags. I really admire the red taurillon clemence cowhide leather with green and yellow leather trimmings. It must shape a girl more active and lively. So I would choose this mini bag for an evening party. Look at the front of the Hermes lock with leather key bell holding two keys. It is useful as well as very lovely.

The bright colors of this bag just remind me of the colorful world of cartoon, vivid and adorable. It must be a world without annoyance and trouble, happily and carefree. When I was under the high pressure, breathe taking, this bag gives me the hope of life. The colorful bag shocked my eyes and made me think of many things. I believe it would bring good luck and high spirit to me so I have special feeling towards it.

You not only can use it for the dance but also use it at spare time if you wish. Its decent and lively design makes it suitable for many occasions. The easy and bright style of this bag also makes it easily match your outfits.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Louis Vuitton Neverfull But not Louis Vuitton Seasonal Series

"If I may suggest, I naturally will buy the old items of Louis Vuitton because the seasonal series are not cheap. Of course, if you want to look for distinctive models, many Japanese, like LV Takashi Murakami Limited Edition painting NEVERFULL, LV limited edition mink bag, LV limited version of color tassel handbag, Chanel JUMBO227 red limited edition rose gold, Chanel Limited Edition Snake full wages chain bags, M7 Edition Hermes Hermes Limited Edition, this limited edition of 200 worldwide, there is a limited edition Kelly Lounge Clutch. "Juan said.

Openning the shop for several months, she also find out the guests' preference, so this time back from Japan for bag bargains she will take the market demand into account. She will bring more Gucci bags because the demand is larger while she will consider bring some of the old collection of Louis Vuitton as they are cheaper. In fact, she first took some limited edition that are rarely seen in the internal counters and those in the runway shows. The fact is that they are not sold easily.

Many people like the styles we all recognize, just as Louis Vuitton Neverfull. In addition, Chanel jewelry is sold well, and in second-hand shop you can get one 90 percent new at 3o percent discount, more cost effective.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Louis Vuitton Sunflower Milled Beige Clutch

I love Louis Vuitton bags without reasons, especially clutch or evening bags from Louis Vuitton. I am exactly a big fan of Louis Vuitton bag. Recently, I found a clutch called Louis Vuitton Sunflower Milled Beige Clutch very suitable for day and evening using. However, I think it is more suitable for daytime. Louis Vuitton logo patterns are showing the nifty and elegance of this clutch. Milled beige, this special color absolutely makes the clutch distinguished among all Louis Vuitton clutches though it has no other special features. In general, we pay attention to the color of a bag or clutch first, no exception for me. I like this unique color at the first glance.

With a long zipper pocket on the front, it on the one hand offers you much convenience. On the other hand, the clutch become stunning with the gold hardware attached to the zipper closure. Made of calfskin leather, it is so comfortable for hand-held. If you don’t want to carry a large tote or shoulder bag with you when go to meet your friends or go shopping, this Louis Vuitton clutch is your perfect choice. For the reasons, firstly it is sized at 19x10.5x2cm which is small and light in weight for you.

As to the second reason, its elegant color and design make it decent for many occasions. At your convenience, there is still leather with chain handle. Look, the top-zip closure must offer you an easy access to the contents.

We don’t need to buy the hottest or the most shining bags or clutches all the time. But we have to make the right choice every time. In a word, I think this Louis Vuitton clutch is small but convenient for my life. Additionally, it is charming with a special color. So I would like to take this one. What about you?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gucci Crocodile Veins Single Shoulder Bag

Gucci has turned into a lovely young lady from the teen that many of us knew and loved on Gucci Crocodile Veins Single Shoulder Bag but and whenever I see this Gucci designer handbag, I can’t help but wonder if Gucci wanna change her style by introducing the younger lines of Gucci handbags in the near features. That the fine crocodile and the color are combined in such a perfect way to make it strikingly blows my mind.

The GG fabric is subtle and terrific, and the crocodile veins differs just enough from the brand’s iconic crocodile designer handbags. At its best, Gucci Crocodile Veins Single Shoulder Bag plays with simple design but in ways that is very new. Gucci Crocodile Veins Single Shoulder Bag may get as much credit as it deserves investment because it has such a classic, lovely look.

The crocodile veins features just oozes your feminity. The size of it is W37×H26×D13 cm, enough for taking for work. I seldom encounter Gucci bags in this kind of color. Anyway, I like it and I just long for see more in the feature. Back to this Gucci Crocodile Vein Single Shoulder bag, there is only one shoulder strap, business or casual? It depends on you.

I have mostly all kinds of Gucci. And the bag I hope to have for the time being is this Gucci Crocodile Veins Single Shoulder Bag. Seriously, I am sure I can be the spot in the street with this Gucci gift.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jennifer Lopez Looks Perfect with Jimmy Choo Tatum

As someone points out previously, what luxury means to stars is just what apple means to cinamon. The super level, in my eyes, should be a mutual enhance to both parties' looks. Well, look at this fab picture out of paparazzi, incredible shoot, incredible Jimmy Choo Tatum and incredible Jennifer Lopez. Which one do you think is the most brilliant? I have had a deep thought but failed to make a decision cause everything is perfect!

This Jimmy Choo Tatum, if not carried on the shoulder of Jennifer Lopez, would also remain still with the proud posture of a fashion chic maker. Brown calfleather material touches amazing. It's a little bit oversized, whatever, I can't see anything bad from that, big star's casual look is more attractive, isn't it?
The peak of fashion is created by the gorgeous weaving of exagerated tassles. Hanging from the bottom of the bag, the tassles just don't cease waiving wildly from the beginning to the end. With the glittering chain handles, this tassle bag is fairly high-key.

Of course Jennifer Lopez is also stunning with her constant vigorous appearance. The brown sunglasses and huge silver earings seem to be in accord with the brown bag and the silver handles. Well, the picture can rise to No.1 street shoot now.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dior Fulfills its Dream in Shanghai

There is no a place that is heater than Shanghai in the recent days, Dior also take this opportunity to settle down Dior 2011 spring summer collection show in China.

The guy, who has always been good at creating dreamy, John Galliano will bring what kind of magic between light and shadow?

In this show in, Dior has brought 49 sets of new clothes, including 8 sets and Dior Haute Couture, which can show how Dior values this show. They seem to have big love for the old Shanghai style. How will John Galliano interpret Shanghai in his mind?

The mainland international supermodel is wearing a pink dotted dress and is full of elegant flavor of French girls. Flowers have always been the favorite element for Dior. The purple lace leather jacket is lovely and feminine while featuring some futuristic sense.

The classic style of Dior is New Bar Jacket with the fine details and is feminine as well. Miss Dior is sweet women who aspire to something sweet. Pink is the refreshed black, non-dress pants skirt design seems appropriate for woman for more freedom.

For more accessories or surprises of Dior, please click to view our mall.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Parda Hardcover Briefcase for Dual Use

A clothing and more take a two-shoes to wear, a package of dual-use, in the current economic environment, these pragmatic shorthand for the latest stylish become the focus of chasing blitz, after all, who do not have something both trendy and practical? For the handbags people most commonly in the daily life in recent years, designers have become more attentive to them. From commute bags to the briefcase bag, evening bag or, invariably accompanied by the strap of no exception. Dual-use design become the most popular.

Following Parda dark red hardcover briefcase that was boosted the careers of stars such as Sienna in the preceding quarter, after another season Parda a gray patent leather handbag has quietly sweept the streets of Hollywood. You can see its popularity. Funny Face Jessica Alba and her beautiful children are carrying it in Anne Street, people have to step up to ride the fad.
TIPS: put back the double feature of dual-use package to resolve the role of your multi-day troubles. One needs to remind the careful collection of your strap and take care to avoid exposure of embarrassing. 

Want to get hold of a handbag of dual-use, apart from Prada hardcover briefcase, we have also prepared Chloe and Miu Miu, Proenza Schouler hanbags to you of this line. Just click to have a comprehensive view.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fendi IT Bag

IT bag in the western countries costs 1000 U.S. dollars on average. If you are not too demanding, an IT bag priced at seven or eight thousand yuan absolutely can make you satisfactory. Of course, you can not be tugged tightly on the limited edition of crocodile skin. There are several cases which designer IT bag can be more expensive, for example the Fendi Villa Borg bag. The bag is all made by hand costing no more than 10,000 but if you want to buy the IT bags made of ostrich skin, crocodile skin. Well, the highest price reaches 500,000.

The general stores take reservations, but the waiting time needs about six months. As for some rare items, the price will be more surprising, for example the LOEWE pink snake bag of the season.

The above-mentioned Fendi Baguette actually was born in 1997. The name means in French Baguette Bread because French used to be hurry hurry with long bread under his arm. But the strap of the small bag is very short, just the size suitable for under the arm and it was named in this way.

It also launched its spring and summer series of this year whose material is made of mixed fashionable linen. The appearance of graffiti is very cute. IT bags always turn to strengthen the image of the designer, such as Chloe Paddington, the Chandra Bvlgari handbags and Louis Vuitton Elegie Tote.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Louis Vuitton is Out of Favor?

On 25th of this month, in the Louis Vuitton New World Department store opening ceremony, the managing Kalin Mu - Perus  excitedly introduced to the reporters every corner of the store. On the surface it seems similiar to the other shops. But there are differences and are often referred to "super high" and "the only one." The reason is that, with the "designer popularity" era approaching, Louis Vuitton in Korea known is referred as the "three seconds handbag", that is, in every 3 seconds in the street can we see a Louis Vuitton bag.
In the case of the economic crisis last year, Louis Vuitton benefited from the increased purchase of Japanese tourists with the sales increased by 30% and achieved the sales volume of about 360 billion won, a break through. In the Lotte Department Store in Myeong-dong branch, the monthly sales can reach 60 billion won, 7.5 times of Prada.

But in the south, the suitation would be different. Last year, Hyundai Department Store's growth rate was only 10%. Galleria department store's growth rate was only 9.4%. The person in charge of the Galleria department store said: "In accordance with the tastes of customers in Southern China, they like Stefano Ricci, Nancy - Gonzalez, Liberty, Yikeruisi more. "Coupled with the reduced sales of foreign tourists early this year in Southern China, sales of department stores fell year on year. Popular designers such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci are hard to attract the southern consumers if they do not release the value of super-expensive and rare products.

Peep Art at Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Zhongshan flagship store will hold the six-island Fantastic Art Exhibition. There are 8 work of art of the international multimedia arts groups on display. Louis Vuitton has fashion with artistic blessing and the intellectual beauty.

Louis Vuitton has always been sparing no effort to sponsor arts activities, in addition inviting the artist Takashi Murakami, Stephen Sprouse, Richard Prince to design handbags and other accessories, it also sponsored arts activities, such as the Museum of Art exhibition, France in May in last year at Hong Kong, LV's Louis Vuitton. At that time, Louis Vuitton gained a broad response.

Today, the debut of the six-island Fantastic Art Exhibition is a collection of the fruits of the 15 Shanghai artists and the French artist Thomas Charveriat. They add the new meaning by combining the Chinese traditional crude paper, paper cutting, Chinese ink painting with the modern LED light. As for the rapid changes in Shanghai, to make a choice between the traditional and the modern swing is a deep reflection.

Yves Carcelle, president of Louis Vuitton had been proud to say that the complete freedom given by Louis Vuitton can not be given by other brands. Similarly, the art of professional respect that Louis Vuitton give can not be found in other luxury brand. Marc Jacobs, general director of Louis Vuitton, loves modern art and is a modern art collector,and he often adds elements modern art into his works which are deeply loved by stars.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Who Carries the Largest Chanel Reissue Bag

Days ago, I gave you another surprise. Rachel Zoe are thought to have so many Birkin bags in a way like Victoria Beckham. Rachel Zoe has been in the fashion industry for quite a while. She has been so fashionable since the day when she entered the fashion stage. When it comes to fashion and Rachel Zoe I become very interested. For the most of the time, Rachel Zoe is shooted carrying a Birkin handbag and wearing excellent outfit. I might say Rachel Zoe looked completely fabulous to be quite honest with you.
And as I mentioned before, last time I gave you a surprise. The bags which Rachel Zoe carry are somewhat surprisingly beautiful. As a matter of fact, I think I would like to carry it. The question is that I don't have so much to afford them. To het to the point, today I bring you another surprise. Rachel Zoe is shooted carrying a  tremendous Chanel bag, it is XXL Reissue Bag. I have no idea whether it is a vinyl bag or a bag that is made of patent leather. The size of the Chanel bag is so large. Suppose the bag is made of patent leather, it is certain that it is too heavy to carry.

I also love the look of Rachel Zoe this time. I love her sunglassess and her fashionable outfits and her giantic Chanel bag. Big though the bag is, it is Rachel Zoe that can best exude charm and luxury of the bag. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Russian Way of Luxury, Only Louis Vuitton or Chanel

In order to show their social status, China's rich people tend to choose those well-known brands, mainly including the historic French fashion and high-priced watches. Thus, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Lacoste are the most recognizable fashion and accessories brands. Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Vacheron Constantin, Breitling are among the most well-known brands in the field of watches.

Russians like to buy luxury goods, which is why boutiques of all the world's leading brands will recruit a Russian-speaking staff.

 The editor in chief of the "L'Officiel" said that Russians are always select the best brands of goods from the best ones, such as Chanel handbags and coats, YvesSaint Laurent smoking and wear leather shoes, Dolce & Gabbana's T-skirts, Dior and Lanvin dress, Balmain's cowboy clothing, Balenciaga handbags and the Clutch Wallet cortical motor jackets, Burberry's waist windbreakers, as well as Louis Vuitton suitcases.

There is a well-known hobby for Russian women, that is to buy jewelry, especially rings, and necklaces. In the past six months, their average jewelry purchases amount is up to 1.3, on average the affluent should spend a ring on 7404 U.S. dollars. The brand's reputation and production process are the two major factors that they care most. Bulgari, Cartier and Tiffany are the most popular ones.  

Victoria Beckham and Her Crocodile Miel Hermes Birkin

I think I can easily number out how many times did Victoria Beckham carry bags of the other brands rather than Hermes Birkin maily because it was seldom the case. If I say you are going to see that Victoria Beckham with her Hermes Birkin, it is to say that she will be the foucs of a number of photographers that have no stable jobs.

For the past year, Victoria Beckham has been the spot in that she loves Hermes so much and she expresses her love everytime and everwhere. There is why I said that I thought I could easily number out how many times did Victoria Beckham carry bags of the other brands rather than Hermes in particular Birkin. For the most of time, she is together with her Birkin, all colors and all sizes.
As you can see, she is again with a Birkin when she is spotted reaching London Heathrow Airport. Have any idea about her Birkin? I mean the size. If you are a fan of Hermes or Birkin, you can easily tell it is  35cm. This one is crocodile Miel Hermes Birkin.

Crocodile Miel Hermes Birkin is one of the symbolic bags from the Hermes family. This Hermes Birkin bag is very feminine that reinvents the famous elements. With this feminine Birkin in hand, Victoria Beckham looked so fabulous with her black dress and sexy black stockings.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Is This Louis Vuitton Handbag Authentic or Not?

Louis Vuitton handbags are really the darling of many women and many stars have access to several kinds of Louis Vuitton handbags. Those who take possession of brand handbags are not only

fear of buying fakes, but also afraid of handbags were to be stolen. So how to identify Louis Vuitton is a question.
Here I list some methods to give you some reference about how to tell the authentic Louis Vuitton from the fake ones. The first recommended way is to begin with smell. When you get a new Louis Vuitton bag in hand, please take a deep breath when it gives out the natural leather smell.

If the leather smells good, it is the first priority. There is no such taste on counterfeit products certain while the new Louis Vuitton bags have this bit of this kind of smell.
Nowadays, the pattern on fake Louis Vuitton bags are almost the same with the authentic ones. So mere judgement from the patterns can no longer distinguish the two kinds of Louis Vuitton.

LV's Monogram pattern is the kind of mixed colors like the color of coffee, but the fake Louis Vuitton on the whole is completely down brown.
The last method is to pick up stitch. The authentic Louis Vuitton is made of bending elastic fibers while the fake ones is made of ordinary stitch.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Vanessa Hudgens with Balenciaga Giant Gold Hardware Noir City

Swimming in oversized clothing is Disney star Vanessa Hudgens who had a not so merry encounter with the paparazzi at LAX. Was she really upset over something or was it simply to early in the morning?

One thing we do love about Vanessa’s style is her overused handbag of choice, that’ll be the Black Giant Gold Hardware City in Noir. Hollywood never gets sick of this particular handbag, as it’s been one of the many hanging off the crook of many celebrities’ arms.

Famous gals such as Nikki Hilton, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Nicole Richie have all been spotted sporting this Balenciaga around. Fans alike can relate as well as it’s such a great style and one of the more basic but stunning color combination that Balenciaga has to offer.

We can all point out everything great about Balenciaga’s City, and if you haven’t given into the popular style, you must! Shop for Balenciaga at your nearest boutique, or you can choose some replica Balenciaga handbags on LVBAGMALL at good price.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Louis Vuitton Being Too Exaggerated?

The latest Louis Vuitton ads did not use sexy models to show off instead of using the image of the demure young lady. The productS are made of hand-made purses and wallets. The ads is entitled "The Young Woman and the Tiny Folds" and the other ad is "The Seamstress With Linen Thread and Beeswax".

But there was a tiny detail that we overlooked. Hardly any Louis Vuitton bag is handmade. While the workers were seen hand sewn Louis Vuitton bags in 2004 in Ducey's Louis Vuitton factory near St. Michel mountain village, this is only one step in the multi-channel processes and soon the bag was again to the next an assembly line.

Analysts told us that Louis Vuitton's high production efficiency makes it much higher than the industry average operating margins. In the first half of 2009, Louis Vuitton's parent company LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton announced up to 30% operating margin. This significantly won over the two other rivals in leather products industry with Hermes being 25% and the Bottega Veneta being 22.9%.
This allows us to recall those Louis Vuitton ads. Of course, most people recognize that advertisements are often not really the case. However, if a company's advertisement is too exaggerated, what will you feel? If the one under discussion is Louis Vuitton, and what how will you feel?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Louis Vuitton Cup: 25 Years of Yacht Racing

You must have heard the America’s Cup which is the most prestigious regatta and match race in the sport of sailing and the oldest active trophy in international sport, predating the Modern Olympics by 45 years. But do you know Louis Vuitton Cup, one of the most famous and prestigious competitions in the sport of yachting because of its relationship to the America’s Cup. My sports lovers and Louis Vuitton aficionados, would you like to make head or tail of it?Just read the History of the Louis Vuitton Cup.

History of the Louis Vuitton Cup is a book to celebrate this great era in world-class sailing: The Louis Vuitton Cup: 25 Years of Yacht Racing in Pursuit of the America’s Cup. Since 1983, the Louis Vuitton Cup was served as the selection series to select the team to sail as the challenger in the America’s Cup. Until July 2007, Louis Vuitton announced termination of all its sponsorship activities associated with America’s Cup after 25 years of involvement. This book is edited and with a preface by Bruno Trouble, a renowned figure in the world of sailing and text and sketches by Francois Chevalier, a journalist and naval architect. This 212 pages book includes 150 photographs and illustrations. There are two versions. English version is published by Abrams while French version is published by Editions de La Martiniere.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian is seen in the Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2010 runway. Why this Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian named in this way? It is said that this name acts in accordance with the nonconformity and spirit. Whether for decoration or utility, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian that combines modern vibe and functionality in one is your ideal companion whether you travel outside or in the town.

Through a series of complicated procedures, Bohemian is made of a refined fabric in this way that paves way for the black-on-beige Monogrammed jacquard fabric with with fluorescent threads in between. On the Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer 2010 runway, the Monogram Cheche Bohemian and other bags were hung with bright-colored leather fringes that swings joyfully as the models walked in the show, just like the happy birds that fly high in the sky. When the models swung the bags, suddenly the charm of the bag gave out.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian bag

Let us take a close look at the Louis Vuitton Monogram Cheche Bohemian bag since maybe you would say I am just exaggerating. It features a double interior flat pocket. You can out all your essentials in the left one since there is a spacious compartment available. As for the details, there is an adjustable strap imprinted with the Louis Vuitton signature. Also there is a luggage tag in bright color and cowhide leather trimmings.

Finally it is the size of Monogram Cheche Bohemian that measures 16.9" x 13.4" x 10.2". And two colors are ready for you to can go to Louis Vuitton Handbags Mall to shop a cheap replica one.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Prada Published Luxurious Books

Prada is also publishing its book! This luxurious 708-pages book is designed by Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli and designer Michael Rock and Sung Joong Kin's New York design company. The book is divided into two parts, internal and external and internal. The internal part includes Prada history, design and production process while the external part is some movements that Prada products in the business and cultural circles.

prada luxury book

The book has a great to deal with architects Rem Koolhaas. It was him that has brought "Epicenter" flagship store for Prada. In addition, the book also contains Prada men's and women's ad images since 1987. Prada's book is currently sold in the Prada stores. You can also order it on the Prada official website and it is priced at 100 euros.

Many luxury brands will send an accompanied product pictures on a quarterly basis in order to provide to the media and the procurement persons. Most of the domestic brands will add the introduction of the enterprise, brand strength and leadership of speech sort of routine "advertisement" when printing this exquisite little books. But once out of the show, you will be able to see the trash. "Prada" is exactly the same with the above-mentioned brochures. However, it means more and values more with the excessively high price.

Nowdays, the modern times witness a period that more and more fashion magazines are drawing back. However, Prada and Gucci chose to publish its book in this period. Anyway, we hope it a success in the near feture.

Louis Vuitton Multicolore Greta Bag

Most crazy handbags fans will agree that right now, the weather outside isn’t the best to take something colorful and delicate as a Multicolore piece for an outing. But if you live in a warm climate year-round area as I do (South of the world), everyday is a perfect day to sport the most cheerful piece in Louis Vuitton collection. Issues such as denim transfers, much hardware, delicate vachetta, and being too much of an attention grabber; I never sought to add a new Multicolore piece to my collection.

Louis Vuitton presents it’s fans with a couple of new additions to their infamous line, including this piece, meet the Louis Vuitton Multicolore Greta Bag. Right off the bat I like how the Greta is a shoulder bag, and sporting a single flat adjustable strap, it looks pretty comfortable to wear. Also, who new you could find so many details on a single bag including, buckles, ring décor, bands, studs, and a removable body strap! Yeah, this is no boring piece. Of course, Takashi Murakami’s infamous design is present and stunning as usual.

This new leather bag doesn’t run cheap as it carries a $2,020 price tag. Love this piece? If you think the price is unaffordable to you, pls visit Louis Vuitton Handbags Mall to choose some replica LV bags for you.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Prada Perforated Leather Handbag

When I first sight at the Prada Perforated Leather Handbag, I thought it is a Gucci Product.It is very rare to spot a sophisticated look from Prada, but I still enjoy the luxurious and casual style. Actually, I even find several elements from a sport bag such as the perforated Saffiano leather which has been used on the brand before. A triangle logo is striking on the upside of a white band in the center of the caramel background. I’m not every appreciated on the design although it looks great on the hand of a model.

prada perforated leather handbag

The Prada Purse is measured at 13 x 8 x 7 inches and has a similar shape as Louis Vuitton Speedy Collection. So you won’t worry about crunching space for all your daily items. You can open it by the zipper closure on the open and find the iconic jacquard lining with a inside pocket, which is convenient but I always prefer more inside pockets. It can be carried with double handles or shouldered with an adjustable strap.

This Prada Perforated Leather Handbag is a great accessory for leisure occasions and casual ensembles but not a good choice for office outfits. It has an astonish price tag of $1650, but you find more replica handbags on sale at LOUISVUITTONBAGMALL at very good price.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Louis Vuitton Magazine is Catching on

Fashion Bible was now undergoing a difficult time. With the withdrawal of advertising, consumers then switched to blog. The old fashion magazine is as thick as the telephone directory, and is now abbreviated into a thin one. However, a class of fashion magazines are thriving, and that is: the brand magazines including brands of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel.

louis vuitton magazine

A growing number of luxury brands is providing customers with with booklets and albums that are full of new ideas and with comments style. Last month, Karl Lagerfeld and Olivier Zahm, chief editor of "Purple Fashion" worked together to found "31 Rue Cambon". This is a beautiful magazine-style catalog that supplies the new customers of the the world's Chanel shops.

The Jeans brand Acne was created in 2005 by the semi-annual journal, collecting the works of Mario Testino, David Bailey and Tilda Swindon, etc.. Yves Saint Laurent has continued to publish its "Declaration" "Manifesto", which is large format, the album, gets publishes in major cities. Cartier and Hermes also issued luxury magazines.

Retailers also pay more attention to their products and to provide information, entertainment and celebrity lifestyle type magazine.

Last year in December, the U.S. retailer Forever 21's newly launched one paper and online magazines in the United States, South Korea and Japan. Barney's announced its own electronic magazine, along with creative director Simon Doona's video album.

With the rapid development of the society, no matter is Louis Vuitton magazine or Gucci magazine are the products of the society.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Things are different between Internet and luxury goods like Louis Vuitton. While Internet covers a wide range products and welcomes all kinds goods. It is Internet that has evolved the way that consumers contact corporations, Brands like Louis Vuitton are only limited to a narrow range of things. What they want is mystery and coolness aimed at making theirselves unique. There is one point they are different. Internet is bent on changing the way that corporation interacts with comsumers while luxury brands are not interested in it.

louis vuitton

Here we can see, the way has been idealized or been taken for granted. Moreover, it is adored in someway and almost to a degree of almost being religious. It is true that many deeds and behaviours have made some changes these years, for example, the manufacturing industry. But there is still a virgin place concerning brands want to made themselves understood. This kind of suitation has lasted for so many years.

As for fashion shows, there is no longer private business for consumers, celebrities and even editors. In the fashion shows, the clothes on displayed are not accessible by consumers.

I find that those luxury brands, such like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes,Chanel are not certain about in what ways or aspects does technology or the Internet change on them. There is an increasing trend that clients just want to communicate much better with those who produce the products and those who do the marketing. Yet it might seems a bit late. It is until the recent days that the luxury brands consider that they might draw themselves out of the online market and maybe everyting will become much better in this way.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Marc Jacobs Klein Patchwork Tote

The Marc Jacobs Klein Patchwork Tote is made of soft blush patchwork leather, making it a comfortable bag to carry anywhere and looking as if you have a pillow bag with you, so that one would not feel regret for its hefty price at $1,436. The bag brings a vintage touch to your outfit. It is accented with gold tone hardware which gives this bag its classy look. It also has a fold over padlock closure at the framed top and feet on the base, bringing out a smart vintage glamour.

Marc Jacobs Klein Patchwork Tote

Carry it through its double top handle and it will surely make you feel sophisticated. This Marc Jacobs Klein Patchwork Tote will be best matched on any casual or office attire while pulling off a neat and elegant look. Of course, this gucci handbag is a little bit dressy and decent, so it is definitely not suitable for your hip pop outfit, but instead it can serve as a good business carrying or some formal evening Party.

Finally, this Tote Weighing in for $1,436, this price is unaffordable for most of people. I recommond you to help yourself with a Replica Marc Jacobs Bag on LOUISVUITTONBAGMALL at very good price.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Actresses Hit Louis Vuitton Graffiti Series

It is known to us all that there was a time when Louis Vuitton launched its Graffiti Series. After that, different sizes and different colors of Louis Vuitton Graffiti Series were seen in streets. Today, I have collected some information about the stars who were once spotted with their Louis Vuitton Graffiti handbags.

louis vuitton graffiti handbag

Supermodel Agyness Deyn attended the Louis Vuitton party with her limited edition fancy letters bag. She performed fashion to the ultimate degree. When she was seen in the streets with the look combining the red hat, red gloves, red socks with this Louis Vuitton Graffiti, red and green colors form a contrast. Her skills to match her clothes with her accessories just make you admire.

Mischa Barton played an important role in the new drama "Beautiful Life" in London. She changed a few sets during the time. LV,Gucci, Chanel and Hermes are all on display.

The famous England star Wayne Rooney and his wife Coleen McLoughlin were shooted driving Range Rover car to the gas station. She was wearing Louis Vuitton Graffiti scarf of limited-edition.

How could the old fashion priest Sarah Jessica Parker miss such classic series of the Rose limited edition Louis Vuitton graffiti handbags. The oblique zipper is designed to expose uninhibited sexy.

Maybe you will have this kind of idea that maybe Louis Vuitton Graffiti Series is out-dated. Just believe me it won't be out of fashion.

Roxy Olin is Spotted with a Valentino tote

Roxy Olin is the daughter of the actress Patricia Wettig. She was seen on three episodes of Brothers & Sisters where her mother stars. Only did I spot her with her Valentino tote, I came to know her.

roxy olin sports a ruffled valentino tote
For what reason is Roxy Olin on a celebrity gossip site? It can be started from that she has been friends with Whitney Port since during the time when she was in high school. Roxy appeared together with her friends in two of MTV's in season. Actually, Roxy Olin knows Spencer from high school yet she always choose to forget the fact.

Anyway, it is time for a confession due to my wondering about who is Roxy Olin. Actually I did have no information about who Roxy Olin was. I used to think that maybe it was because that they were the bad and ugly pictures of Eva Amurri. I just haven't sensed who she is. Yet I have learned that she does exist in the world. As for the reason why other people know her and the reason why the paparazzi follows her lie in the fact that Whitney Port loves her so much and both them are seen together in the city.

There is also another thing that I ought to say sorry for it. That is actually I have never seen the City so that I have no idea about him. Even though I love so much the things in New York as well as fashion, still I can not become a bit interested in iota with sitting through it. I am not a bit interested anyway. To be honest, what I am so driven to mad is that Roxy Olin’s Valentino Ruffle Tote. Do you like it just in the way as I do? One of the editor said to me that she is famous for the fact that she’s renowned for being not so decent on her little TV show. But there is one thing that helps me to ignore the fact is that I love her Valentino tote so much.

Naval Style, Back to the Old Days of Chanel

Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld successfully reproduce the good times during the lifetime of Ms. Chanel. From the black cloak to the navy with stripes of different themes and details, this poetic description of the major fashion brands originates from 2010 the family-oriented resort collection of so many brands. Not only Karl Lagerfeld that reviews the Coco Chanel designs, but many designers interpretate Chanel's life style in their own way. They interpret the kind of France type of romantic elegance and leisurely and carefree mood.

chanel 2010 style

The first one is back to Coco Chanel's time-Naval style. The enduring naval style again penetrates into this year's romantic tailorship.

The second one is naval style stripe. Stripe is the love of the beach with blue and white stripes like the blue sea and as pure as the clouds. With navy blue horizontal stripes as the basic background, an extension of a red, black, blue, white and white color occures accompanied by bright classic sailing logo of red color and the silhouette of anchors, wheel, and sailor knots. People can not help but long for the joy tidal waves splashing in the water scenes. While the stripes and the tropical print are popular in the season and many designers have made all efforts.

The last one is navy suit. The Tomboy-style dress must have been put on the agenda in the era of Coco Chanel. The classic moments of wearing a striped shirt and a pair of navy high waist trousers are treasured and become an important page in the history of fashion. Now this classic form that metamorphosed into a variety of new forms continues.It is also the precious moments that Chanel brings to us.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jennifer Lopez with Jimmy Choo Mandah Hobo

Jennifer Lopez looks really fierce in her intense red dress with the wild-looking Jimmy Choo Mandah Hobo.

Anyway, so obviously her whole outfit including that red pumps, show more of her really wild side. Her hair is also a factor since it comes really messy, but what probably gave us the impression of her appeal is the Jimmy Choo Mandah Hobo. The leopard-print on the ponyskin complements well and it indeed shows a really wild design. Though it somewhat tells of a boho-chic fashion, looking how Jennifer carried it with her ensemble simply shows that it could also do such.

Jennifer Lopez with Jimmy Choo Mandah Hobo

So aside from being an eye-catching purse, this also shows practicality with its large size. It also comes with a press stud pocket on the front, plus two zipped pockets and two patch pockets on the inside. Now if that seems small for you, you can use the gold tone fastening zip on the front to increase its size. This bag also comes with a logo tablet on the front, and can be carried through the brown leather handles with gold tone hardware.

Seeing Jennifer Lopez carry such Jimmy Choo Mandah Hobo bag, you know this is not some cheap bag right? Besides, it’s from Jimmy Choo, and indeed, this bag retails for around $2,911. Why not hunt for a Replica Jimmy Choo Bag at LOUISVUITTONBAGMALL.

Neve Campbell and Her Fabulous Bottega Veneta Bag

Guys just tell me have you seen Neve Campbell or known something about him before? I think that Neve Campbell is not so popular.

Neve Campbell was born in 1973 in Ontario, Canada. She came from a entertainment performance family. Her father is an England man, Middle School drama teacher while her mother is a Netherlands woman, an actress. Neve has one younger sister called Christine and one elder sister named Alex Sikanbeier. When she was in her nine years old, she join the Canadian National Ballet school for the reason that she was fond of dancing.

neve campbell resurfaces with bottega veneta

This ex Party of Five star was recently seen outside in Beverly Hills yet seems sophisticated with her Bottega Veneta Large Woven Tote. Judging from her entire look, it is spot on and chic, just like a motorcycle lady. See how she paired her clothes, her dark jeans, the pair of boots, black top and coat. All are the things that I love. Everything works in a harmonious and perfect way. This kind of look that I think can serve as an example for many celebrities. Sometimes a sport look can bring you a relaxed and casual feeling. At the same time, the sport look has a understated sophistication and elegance. But the perfect look has a lot to do with the Bottega Veneta bag. If the Bottega Veneta bag is replaced by any other bags like Gucci handbag, it might not bring this kind of effect. The color and the style match her outfits so well. And it also will never get out of fashion. I like her and I just like sporty Bottega Veneta bag.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Louis Vuitton Speedy Sizes, Which Size Do You Like Best?

It is known to us all that Louis Vuitton is renowned for various kinds of products, especially the handbags. Speedy series are just one kind of designs among so many famous handbags. Here I have got three sizes Louis Vuitton Speedy handbags, which means you will definitely find the very right size for you. There are 25cm LV Monogram Canvas Speedy, 30cm LV Damier Canvas Speedy and 35cm LV Watercolor Speedy. Which on ewill you choose?

louis vuitton speedy trifecta bag

Anyway, Louis Vuitton Handbags is worthwhile. The first reason is that Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag goes with everything, from casual jeans to cocktail dress. The second reason is that Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag is made of calf skin and isof course good in use. Monogram canvas is lightweight, soft, strong and sturdy. Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag with it’s notorious monogram canvas and classic silhoette has been chic though times goes by. The last one is that Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbag is ideal for travel since it will hold all your belongings.

Personally speaking, I really like the 35. I don’t think I will choose the 40 though, its just too large for me. I love the character that the canvas has larger sizes though it has that nice slouch. 30 Speedy is also perfect. But maybe you would think for most Asian like you and I, you prefer the 25. It is not as slouchy as the monogram. Actually I had Speedy 25 Damier Ebene before. But I only carried it when I went out. The big bag was enough for my essentials, but too small when I used it to do some shopping outside.

In one sentence, I love Speedy bags. They are so classic and chic that is worth buying.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nagoya Louis Vuitton Store

In the Nagoya Louis Vuitton store, Eric Carlson's design provides art trend for Japan's gift packaging.

Perhaps out of modesty, or out of courtesy, or he really wants to tell the real true feelings for the people who want to hear his thoughts. Whatever out of what kinds reasons, whenever being asked about where was his own design of Louis Vuitton store, first Eric Carlson would praised the work of Nagaishi Architecture. It consists of a number of spiral of an aluminum structure, aluminum decorative treatment with spraying. These aluminum are vertically placed in the glass curtain wall. Under the influence of the metal halide, the faint outer building automatically adjust the light when it becoming dark. Carlson said the building's exterior design draws on the Japanese art of gift packaging. In this exquisite box R21; both modern and gucci goods are available as well as leather goods and shoes, male and female-type clothing.

Nagoya Louis Vuitton store

Eric Carlson is a former director of the Ministry of Construction of Louis Vuitton. He left the company in 2004 after that he established his own company Carbondale. Then he proceeded to establish his own flagship store in the Champs-Elysees. Now, the region has become the best in France among the seven tourist destinations. Every day of the weekend could attract 4000 tourists to come to visit it. You might think that Eric Carlson would cease his steps after winning so many awards. However, this 9600 square feet high-level multi-storey clothing shop has proved that he continues to make progress.

Asians Have Become Louis Vuitton's ATM

Based on the survey of 2009, Louis Vuitton is referred as the most popular luxury brands in China. Yet some people tend to think that if Louis Vuitton wants to continue to rule the world in the future, it should not let the wealthy Chinese go. As a matter of fact, not only in China, LV also enjoys its popularity in many other Asian countries as well.

Louis Vuitton in the pockets

I came to know a Shanghai fan of Louis Vuitton who went to the store to buy Louis Vuitton then she took a crowded bus outside. She told me that she led a frugal life in order to save money for Louis Vuitton handbags and Gucci handbags. There are two reasons for her crazy action. The first one is that everyone knows that prices are too high and is a powerful illustration of the identity and status. The other reason is that it is easy to match clothes. Being not obtrusive when doing some sports and appropriate when for an appointment. It has a high utilization rate. However, some people just do not agree with that the young ladies carrying the LV handbags. A person in Beijing who is responsible for corporate recruiting told that in Beijing in 2009 college graduates Recruitment conference, it was full of Louis Vuitton bags."If what they carried were anthentic Louis Vuitton handbags, how could they afford to employ them. If they were fake, those who loved vanity were not the right persons we choosed.

As for Louis Vuitton, the pace of development in India is not so quick as imagination. Louis Vuitton opened the first store in New Delhi, India in 2003. Up till now, only five stores have been opened in India. "Global Times" journalists recently visited New Delhi, a Louis Vuitton store in an upscale mall. Although now is the New Year shopping season, there are not many customers. This is a large shopping mall across India nowadays. We can see that only a small portion of people can afford luxury goods like Louis Vuitton in India. Most of the young students said that they have heard about Louis Vuitton, but they never have the idea to buy one.