Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blair with Louis Vuitton

Blair with Louis Vuitton

In what field do we see the name of Tony Blair often? It is in political field, right? Not only. Have you ever imagined that one day the name will be connected with the luxury fashion? I guess you haven't. Let us have a look about what happened indeed.

It is reported that this former prime minister is about to take an consulting role in the luxury goods alliance LVMH that has a list of big brands including Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs and Givenchy.

It is said that now Blair has been already in the last step of discussing pay of six figures at the group that under the name of Bernard Arnault, the most wealthy person of France as well as the old friend of the former politician. These two encountered each other in the final years of his leaderships.

There comes up with a piece of news that Blair stated in the Daily Telegraph newspaper today, saying that the whole thing is just an agreement in principle or in oral yet they haven't signed a contract.He also added that it is no denying that he won't take part in the board but he will serve as a consulting role and work closely with Mr Arnault. As a matter of fact, what he does concerning this job has something to do with exploring new cumstomers.

Blair is thought to appoint his advisory role at LVMH later this year. What do you think of this piece of news? Do you think that surprising and inspiring?