Friday, January 8, 2010

Candy-like IT Bag of Marc Jacobs

Just take a look at the current IT bags on sale in these years, then you will find nothing particular among so many choices. Why? As a matter of fact, they share a lot in common. So in what aspects? The fur of high quality, the excessive style, the the way of decoration and the inconspicuous logo. There are so many IT bags of some famous brands rank top in the IT BAG collection. Here I give you some examples. The first one is Balenciaga who created the rivet and fringe styles and its motorcycle bag tops onthe IT BAG list. Apart from Balenciaga, Mulberry also prevails thanks for its thick leather and the big bayswater. While Paddington bag has a super locked end. Fendi spy bags are always at a high price as well as Yves Saint Laurent.They are the experts on this list. Bags of these famous brands are now hitting the market. But are they to your liking? Is there a little more special choice?

Marc Jacobs handbag

I have got one to recommend to you guys. That is Marc Jacobs Elastic Stam. It is available for you to choose. I am sure that this one will be your next smart choice! Actually, this kind of Marc Jacobs stam bag was popular in the autumn of last year. It had been particularly mentioned by the teen idols of American new generation including Lindsay Lohan, Nicky Hilton and Hilary Duff. After that, it became a hot topic in the world market.

Stam Bag of this year, I should say, is full of elegance and excitement. You can easily find a multicolored Stam bag if you just wander in the streets or pay a visit to the exclusive shop of Marc Jacobs. They are very lovely and good-looking. The moment when you come across it, the first feeling of you will be that you are in a candy store. That is the feeling, so fantasitc?