Friday, January 29, 2010

All Stars Love Chanel and Prada, Why the Brands Are so Luxurious?

Only a limited edition Tiffany necklace values more than a million yuan and a crocodile Hermes handbag is over one million. The aristocratic love luxury. In what ways are luxury goods at? In my opinion, it is because of the effect of brands and the word "limited" .

Prada handbag

Prada limited edition handbags is specailly designed for the reopenning of the Prada stores in Shanghai, China, Hang Lung. Guests can make a choice between the numbers 1 to 36 according to their own preferences.

Chanel introduced the most luxurious handbag in history called "Diamond Forever". This handbag is made of the most precious material. On the masterpiece of white matte crocodile skin, there are 18K white gold base, from 334 heavy diamonds (a total of 3.56 karats) consisting of pairs of C logo. Its price is eye-popping, from 260 thousand U.S. dollars to 260,150 U.S. dollars with the limited sale of only 13.

In 1837, Thierry Hermes founded a harness factory. As the third-generation family business, it decided to shift the production line to leather goods and luggage. In 1920, the corporate headquarter of Hermes was founded. In 1937, triggered by a jockey coat inspired the birth of the first love Mashi Si towel and widely praised. In 1956, the classic Kelly Bag was available. We all can see that Victoria Beckham loves. She can be called the Queen carrying Birkin Bag. It is said that she has already had 800 Hermes bag.

Tiffany is famous for silver and diamonds and six claw inlay design is its most prestigious design. The use of diamonds inlaid on the ring platform on child care will be extremely diamond flash point of honor to upgrade is still widely respected.

From these, we can sum up the brand and the word "limited" do help a lot.