Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Era of IT BAG

The upcoming spring and summer of 2010 is knocking at the door and major brands have put forward the commercials one by one. There are little interesting things on the season's ads that. Those which occupy the important position of the brand image are bags, the so-called IT BAG.


The first category: Classic and practical, with Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuittonn as the representitive. To begin with, the professional line of Prada Classic. The first advertisement of spring and summer of 2010 is this law-abiding professional bags, an emphasis on low-profile middle-class women's favors. Imagine a woman who carries the bag should be: lawyers, executives, professional women. Too fashionable clothes do not match the bags.

Prada it bag

Therefore, it can be seen that Prada does not want to sell its handbags to the the little girls who are not stylish and have no money in pockets.

The second it Ferragamo, leisurely housewife style. Prada takes professional women as its core, then the Ferragamo is targeted at those who are low-key middle-class housewives haing money and leisure brings. They want large handbags which should be simple and practical, strong but not gaudy. You can not only put bottles but also goods you purchase after shopping. You say, "fashionable"? What we need is "not out of fashion".

Ferragamo it bag

The second category is Miu Miu. Fendi, Mulberry, Christian Dior are the representatives.

As for Fendi, briefcase is hot. This Peek a boo briefcase became one of the best-selling IT BAG with its practicality and elegant retro styles since 2009. It is also the trump of Fendi spring and summer 2010. I believe the performance will not be bad. Such a bag, that is, 40 years later, it is estimated, however, still fashionable.

Christian Dior, a return to the elegant era. This season, Dior again is in the same old tune, creating its golden period "40 era." Python-patterned Detective series briefcase, elegant and retro, both the merits of French-style boyish, and also uphold lady style.

If you don't want to be driven away by the trend, you must also have an IT BAG!