Friday, January 15, 2010

Love Yves Saint Laurent the Way as Kylie Minogue

Women always need many, many clothes, a lot of shoes and a lot of bags. So among so many different handbags, there is always a favorite kind in the heart of a certain lady. The trend has changed all the time and will follow the latest fashion. But it is a favorite kind of hangbags that even the famous stars will treasure. The shiny moment in the red carpet is just a presentation to people. And behind the stage, actress have their own favorite bags. I have got some information about some. Keira Knightley is said loves Miu Miu;Lily Cole is said likes her Prada Cerro Antik while Lindsay Lohan is siad likes Chanel. And I did see many times Kylie Minogue with her YSL.

Yves Saint Laurent bag

This time, I again saw her with her "lover", Yves Saint Laurent and her real lover, Andres Velencoso. When should I begin? Kylie Minogue is an inspiration for us, I think. As we all know that she has ever had a cancer in the breast. At last, she could survivor and recovered.I don't mean it was like the plot of a drama. Not really. Anyway, seeing her fine and getting along well with Andres Velencoso, I am very happy.

In the picture, Kylie looks very energetic and full of life. There is a amature photographer following her. The outfit of Kylie is very extraordinary even though in a casual way. The black top and the simple jeans plus a pair of cool sunglasses. And the spotlight, a Yves Saint Laurent Roady that can top off her whole look. Actually, in the past, I have no special feelings about Yves Saint Laurent and its louis handbags. But I like Kylie Minogue who likes Yves Saint Laurent handbags. And I begin to pay more attention to this brand. Finally I also fall in love with this designer. I think it is great all around the world.