Monday, January 18, 2010

Marc Jacobs Marries Lorenzo Martone in the Wedding Party or Not?

There is a piece of news about Louis Vuitton head handbag designer Marc Jacobs that stating that it was not true about that the designer married Lorenzo Martone this week. And it also adds that this week a certain person would have a party for these two lovers. But it can not be defined as a wedding. There is a report saying that the couple is still under an engaged status. There is a party with two grooms who are in white and a beautiful wedding cake. Judged from the wedding cake, it is like a theme party. To be more specific, a wedding theme party.

Marc Jacobs with his boyfriend

It gives us this kind of feeling that Marc Jacobs is so eager to marry Lorenzo Martone. Ten days ago, Guest Of A Guest reported that Marc Jacobs was seen tie the knot with Lorenzo Martone in St. Barts where the two lovers took a vacation. I have also report this piece of news in my blog before. To come back to the party, there were several photos of Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone in the ceremony. From the pictures, we can see that Marc Jacobs wearing his signature kilt in bridal white and their wedding cake.

The marriage rumors about this sweet couple go on and on and go the rounds. Hence sometimes confliction about the news are found. Do you remember that was a report in 2008 saying that they married in France. Then after, they claimed that the couple just got married in Massachusetts and Provincetown. In these regions, homosexual marriage is legal. What was more, in August last year, Marc Jacobs told Elle that he was so thankful and amused that he and Lorenzo Martone can share the happiness an hardships of life together. He also confirmed that they also get along well with each other.

Anyway, even though I regard it as an incredible relationship, I like the extraordinary designer. And I also agree with someone who said that it was amazing how this man was our generations idol to make a difference and be himself. More information you cant go to Louis Vuitton handbags Mall.