Thursday, January 20, 2011

Classic Gucci Web Printed Bag

What sort of handbags you arranged for every pretty princess like Princess Pea, Snow White and the little mermaid? Qualified handbags for princesses should be cute, vintage and sweet. Princesses are simple pure kind girls, so don't allocate too sophisticated mature Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 flap totes to them.

Those are for quirky queens like Dita Von Teese. In addition, princesses don't have a crush on gaudy tacky stuff, so you know you shouldn't pull some sequined or vastly studded or tassled bags. Umm, what exactly meets their expectations? It seems you have to turn to this vintage Gucci web printed handbag for help.

Though not as naive as the Gucci Snowmen in Africa Joy Boston bag or the elephants printed Gucci Boston tote, even the web print is not the classic gg signiture web.

The taupe curly pads along the top closure, double handles in the same tone, horizontal zip right across the facade of the handbag shape a pretty funky bag. The monochrome web all over the bag finishes the delicate girlish flair.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Swatch Novelty Watch or Louis Vuitton Classic Watch?

It seems novelty watches has strengthen its aggression towards the territory of classic watches. People no long feel it interesting or funky to wear a piece of golden watch on their wrists as the single strategy to adorn them. Latest trends lean to Kesha's quirky watch-interlace-bracelet idea. People love it so much and they are rushing out to follow Kesha's suit. From all kinds of streetsnaps you see these previously demure women now insanely wear at least one novelty watch on their wrists and then lace their lovely wrists with scores of rounds of colorful strings or bracelets.

Swatch novelty watch, as Rachel Heller shows, seems times more radiant than the long-established Louis Vuitton classic watch. An increasing number of guys are doubting if Swatch novelty watches would some day take over the position Louis Vuitton classic watches gain. Really? I don't think that's going to take place. The question is a little bit like that one whether there is existence of IT designer handbags.

Classic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas bags during a spell were facing serious threats from some bold handbags designed by other young genius. When fashionistas were sighing from then on every Louis Vuitton bag they bought were probably the last version of that mode, Marc Jacobs smashed their stupid suspect. The same it is with the skirmish between Swatch novelty watches and Louis Vuitton classic watches. In grant formal cases there is no way Louis Vuitton luxe can be taken over.

Friday, December 31, 2010

F/W Vivienne Westwood Red Labal 2010

Vivienne Westwood Red Labal 2010 autumn and winter series, with regard to ordinary street clothes into the high-end fashion, heat bland, regardless of the line contour, cut, fabric and even the use of colors are just right, wearable and match are greatly enhanced, a hundred Change the image of easy-go!

Red Label has always been for the rebel ladies. This time in pink, orange and red lines popliteal brighten dreary winter, coupled with Vivienne Westwood Plaid favorite strips and, together with three-dimensional style of iconic tailoring skills, stylish and full of rich Apart from the visual, but also modification of female figure, a simple match high heels, high profile type will show exhaustive and beauty, eye-catching full.

Vivienne Westwood Orb logo was created by true to its quarterly jewelry designs are everywhere, and now a 2010 series of autumn and winter, how can or lack of jewelry! New work follows the basic philosophy, coupled with innovative meteor, pins and hearts, combined, and then coated with soft background colors and crystals which, eye-catching, pleasant, and the heart of a captive woman masterpiece.

Vivienne Westwood has always been words and deeds of the Empress Dowager a bit, dare to make outspoken, and even dress up are not simple. In recent years, according to both husband and wife team of brand advertising battle, with her husband Andreas Kronthaler put in different poses with the torch up to no good, but also recruited friends Pamela Anderson cameo friendship. In short, the focus is everywhere.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Timberland Work Boots&Nicky Hilton

If ED Hardy skeleton printed lace up boots should invite Agyness Deyn as spokeswoman, then Timberland Work Boots need to treat Nicky Hilton their No.1 option fake louis vuitton handbags. The handsome girl who loves fedora, black blazer, skinny pants and calfskin boots with all her heart, knows how to express American cowboy style. When she travels to Europe with her sis Paris Hilton, she wears a standard pilot girl attire in funky contrast with Paris' girlish blouse and leggings. What's more, during her journey in Australia Fashion Week, her simple off-shoulder printed shirt and sleek black cowhide flat boots are stronger than any feminine getups. Ain't these in accord with Timberland wonderland explorer spirit? So it's wisest to appoint Nicky Hilton the global propaganda girl for Timber work boots, the representative in Timberland family.

As 2010 fall/winter is drawing near, Nicky Hilton tells you the inevitable trend. That is, to prepare a pair of strong splendid Timberland work boots to shape a brand-new gorgeous you. Christian Louboutin ankle boots are amazing indeed, yet they are more for sweet girls like Alexa Chung. We are not fashionstas and hence we needn't don some filmy black stockings and monochrome Christian Louboutin tuxedo-inspired ankle boots and looking fragile in freezing days.

The Timberland work boots, by contrast, not only keep you in style but protect you from the aggression of merciless winds. This is the real combo of function and fashion louis vuitton handbags with silk scarf. So just get ready for a coveted pair!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Who will succeed Karl Lagerfeld?

Who will succeed Karl Lagerfeld? Country Life in the Father heard the news you want to Resurrection, people continue to guess the name louis vuitton toiletry bags. You say not, I said not, `All is not, so we imagine, including design director of Lanvin's Alber Albaz, Dior Homme former chief designer Hedi Sliman, or is it just joined the Theory of Olivier Theyskens, these bit design master is not the most suitable candidate, Father had to make a decision after all this, but he has remained silent outside, make things more complicated and confusing.

In an interview with Father a few days ago a magazine interview, and finally face the problem of succession, he said: "Since I signed with the Chanel contract for life, so to some extent, who will be my successor, I would like to depend on to whom should this position. And this moment, I hope this one is Haider Ackermann! "

Recall the recent Chanel show, Haider Ackermann really have to see the figure, it appears that Father still remain some hint to us, but unfortunately no one would want to whither. For the name, I believe most people are not very familiar. Born in 1971 in Colombia, the designer, the famous Antwerp in Belgium, the Royal College of Art studies, and intern at the John Galliano has done.

In 2002, he was friends with the help of Raf Simons own company, first released it caused a tremendous sensation of clothing, then by the Italian leather manufacturer Ruffo Research hired as chief designer louis vuitton replica bags. After his design more and more mature, also were used compared with Hussein Chalayan. Draping his best, able to fold a piece of fabric the way through the part of the formation of a roundabout at the end did not affect the overall lines in clothing, so the fold Haider Ackermann became the label.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Farewell with Vera Wang

Vera Wang, the number of girls in the eyes of the creator of the perfect wedding, recently announced that it will end its brand design for the bridesmaid dress business. More than 100 brands over Vera Wang bridal salon will end next Monday received new orders for custom bridesmaid dresses. All of the bridesmaid dress brand business will be fully transferred to the main brand of the traditional style of wedding: "David's Bridal".

Since last May, Vera Wang with the "David's Bridal" brand signed a contract to design a series of more affordable wedding dress, named "White by Vera Wang". Vera Wang wedding dress compared to the brand's easily five or six thousand dollars, even thousands of expensive wedding, most of this series focused on the 1200 price of around U.S. dollars. Once "David's Bridal" has sold 150 stores to get the public's pursuit. Even after the line which extends to custom designed bridesmaid dresses and wedding shoes, and many other.

Vera Wang bridesmaid dress their own brand business, was once the best operating conditions, turnover of 500 million U.S. dollars. However, as Wang bridesmaid dress business only in certain stores and bridal salons to provide customers with subscription services, in recent years more and more difficult in this part of the business, the order quantity is difficult to guarantee.

This, by and "David's Bridal" after brands an opportunity to get good results, in order to obtain a wider range of more reasonable and higher sales revenue, Wang finally decided to brand all the bridesmaid dresses custom service transferred to the "David's Bridal "brand to handle care, and by their own and" David's Bridal "design team to complete the design work.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fendi Roll Bag Tote with Floral Pattern

I am interested in Oriental items these days. In extravagance world, I also find some adorable ones. Fendi Roll Bag Tote is one of them. It is inspired from a Japanese designer who focuses his work on making beautiful and elegant clothes. His desgining concept of paying attention to the trival life detail is shown clearly in this bag.

Flower motif is a common decoration in desginer handbags including Chanel, Valentino, sometimes Louis Vuitton. The gorgeous zucca coated canvas with a charming bouquet of flowers make the bag elegant. As the saying goes, art is originated from life but beyond life.

Despite the attractive appearance, the bag also wins aficionados' favors for its versatile functions. Measuring at 14.25' wide, 11" high and 5.5" deep, this tabacco colored tote bag is characterized by a spacious contour and it is able to hold your daily neccessities.

Art and fashion are in the same principle. So this Fendi floral motif coated bag is a superb daily carryall for those fashion chasers with a unique sense for vogue. It will be a wise decision to get this bag.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Prada Leather Tote and Paris Hilton

The puppy dogs in Paris Hilton's villa is as many as her Louis Vuitton pegase suitcases displayed on her flight for South Africa World Cup, and Paris Hilton does have a thing for displaying her love for these pets. She doesn't care if there is a puppy lovely enough to steal her showtime.

The fact is, pets are no more than an effective tool to grab the attention of camera lens and hot pursuit of paparazzi. Even though Paris Hilton's streetsnaps are getting worse and worse recently, she needn't bother about keeping high photograh rate. Look how smiley she's when carrying her puppy dog and her sumptuous Prada leather tote.

The taupe Prada leather tote is worlds apart from Jessica Alba's grey Prada Crystal tote. Jessica Alba keeps to low-key simplicity. The grey Prada Crystal tote may be the only pricy outfit amongs her wayfarer shades, grey cardigan, black tank and holed jeans. Everyone loves Jessica Alba's discreet arrangement but no everyone is clear about the real highlight Paris Hilton wants to convey. The animated puppy dog or the gorgeous Prada leather tote?

You see, it's not always fine to have too many choices and too many outfits. Don't take pains just to make your closet as huge as Paris Hilton's, just settle down to let yourself look easy breezy and focusing on one point. That's enough to generate good fashion. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

PENNYBLACK of This Season

PENNYBLACK was born in 1978, the famous Italian clothing brand. The elegant design, superior fabric, exquisite workmanship and comfortable to wear, freedom of the match, excellent price, so that active self-confident urban women fully display the unique charm of its own. Young designers from around the world to create innovative ideas for the PENNYBLACK three series, black label, suitable for work and attend important meetings in the daily commute wearing equipment; gray label, for weekends and casual leisure wear ; pink labels for important occasions in the present, a grand celebration party and wearing a small dress.

This season, PENNYBLACK soften a charming woman tell the story. Multi-layered style to wear with this season's focus, whether it is a fifth sleeve cape-style jacket and matching long-sleeved sweater, or striped sweater jacket sleeve with the same color combination, but also wool socks or long sections ankle boots with stacked, are addictive.

Craftsmanship, the military style and classic design will have unveiled this season's coats. Boots and suede high-heeled shoes, plus handbags and accessories, hand bags, etc.

It needs to create a simple beauty to the UK from the new wind and other cool shapes. Casual or leisure, or dignified and generous, or sexy, style, Variety, the trend of change, fall and winter blooming fashion elegant charm.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mulberry Messenger Shoulder Bag Loves Agyness Deyn

Don't limited Mulberry messenger shoulder bag the pet of Alexa Chung. Now there is a collection of Mulberry bags being named after Agyness Deyn! On the one hand, this indicated the crazy popularity of the gorgeous tomboy Agyness Deyn and Mulberry House has to take it into account. On the other hand, Mulberry has been rising up.

Though compared with the long-established respected brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, Mulberry has a relatively short history, yet it doesn't matter. The representative Mulberry messenger shoulder bag wins fashionistas over with its timeless England style and outstanding craftsmanship.

Splicing detail between different materials, discreet trim and rivets are the commonest way to convey the quality of the leather in every Mulberry messenger bag. The cool aptitude of it attracts tomboy Agyness Deyn without doubt.

If you love Mulberry, treat yourself with a Mulberry Agyness messenger bag. IT girls can kick ass. It is not only Hermes Birkin handbags that are named after French singer Jane Birkin and Hermes Kelly after Princess Grace Kelly. Agyness Deyn demonstrated the might of the new generation.

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