Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gucci Maison Launches in Wenzhou

Gucci Wenzhou Maison launched on Octobor 11! The scenario is not weaker than Louis Vuitton New Bond Street Maison launch party in May. Though there were no Western celebs, the whole maison get thrilled by the Wenzhou customers who couldn't wait to rush into the hall and begin their crazy shopping spree.  Till late at night, the busy hilarious scene went on. As per the report by the staff, at least four Gucci bags were sold within an hour. Note that these pricy bags would cost the buyers tens of thousands of RMB. This was incredible and can't take place in the cities surrounding Wenzhou.

Gucci Wenzhou Maison is as gorgeous as Shanghai flapship store. Every week there are new arrivals which comes in the same pace with Shanghai Maison's. What's more, all the goods sold from Gucci Wenzhou Maison come directly from Italy. The only difference from Shanghai Gucci Maison is, there are no women's clothes. Actually it doesn't affect Gucci Wenzhou Maison's sale volumn. Everyday scores of Gucci watches, handbags, men's suits, shoes and other accessories are expected to sell.

Gucci's charm is paramount. The nearby shopping mall and supermarkets are the first ones to feel Gucci's might. It's amazing to spot hundreds of customers shopping in such a luxe maison whose size is just 400 square meters.