Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mulberry Messenger Shoulder Bag Loves Agyness Deyn

Don't limited Mulberry messenger shoulder bag the pet of Alexa Chung. Now there is a collection of Mulberry bags being named after Agyness Deyn! On the one hand, this indicated the crazy popularity of the gorgeous tomboy Agyness Deyn and Mulberry House has to take it into account. On the other hand, Mulberry has been rising up.

Though compared with the long-established respected brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel, Mulberry has a relatively short history, yet it doesn't matter. The representative Mulberry messenger shoulder bag wins fashionistas over with its timeless England style and outstanding craftsmanship.

Splicing detail between different materials, discreet trim and rivets are the commonest way to convey the quality of the leather in every Mulberry messenger bag. The cool aptitude of it attracts tomboy Agyness Deyn without doubt.

If you love Mulberry, treat yourself with a Mulberry Agyness messenger bag. IT girls can kick ass. It is not only Hermes Birkin handbags that are named after French singer Jane Birkin and Hermes Kelly after Princess Grace Kelly. Agyness Deyn demonstrated the might of the new generation.

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