Friday, February 12, 2010

Things are different between Internet and luxury goods like Louis Vuitton. While Internet covers a wide range products and welcomes all kinds goods. It is Internet that has evolved the way that consumers contact corporations, Brands like Louis Vuitton are only limited to a narrow range of things. What they want is mystery and coolness aimed at making theirselves unique. There is one point they are different. Internet is bent on changing the way that corporation interacts with comsumers while luxury brands are not interested in it.

louis vuitton

Here we can see, the way has been idealized or been taken for granted. Moreover, it is adored in someway and almost to a degree of almost being religious. It is true that many deeds and behaviours have made some changes these years, for example, the manufacturing industry. But there is still a virgin place concerning brands want to made themselves understood. This kind of suitation has lasted for so many years.

As for fashion shows, there is no longer private business for consumers, celebrities and even editors. In the fashion shows, the clothes on displayed are not accessible by consumers.

I find that those luxury brands, such like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes,Chanel are not certain about in what ways or aspects does technology or the Internet change on them. There is an increasing trend that clients just want to communicate much better with those who produce the products and those who do the marketing. Yet it might seems a bit late. It is until the recent days that the luxury brands consider that they might draw themselves out of the online market and maybe everyting will become much better in this way.