Friday, October 1, 2010

Customize Your Levi’s Curve ID

I believe that many women have long been explored to the hip of their own password. Levi's Curve ID introduces the "tailor-made" concept in ragard to the differences between the global stature of women. And it introduces traditional product lines tannins in September 2010 the female subversion. The ratio had been previously proposed can be classified as Slight Curve (S type), Demi Curve (D type), Bold Curve (B type) three figure.

And it targets at three kinds of figures, the car sutures, pocket location, lower back and legs coated cutting design changes, so tannins pants not only to functional modification, can better meet the needs of various stature of comfort women, to achieve the perfect fit and self-cultivation effect.

In recent days there have been many discussions and experience about women, for this near-perfect way to find a suitable pair of jeans was surprised, Levi's trains a group of professional surveyors in all shop counters, in addition to helping people identify their own Password stature, but also in response to the advent of the digital era, in rolling out the network fitting room at the moment.

Women in Taiwan can find the curve of their own dedicated password easily in the Levi's Curve ID Web site, through a virtual interactive interface.