Friday, October 15, 2010

Anna Hu Joins Hands with Jason Wu

Anna Hu refined and advanced custom jewelry represents a distinct want to express her design philosophy, classical and elegant mood and whim of the illusion is always perfect for the pursuit of technology and technology based on the principle host, making each piece flashing all the power of life. When the senior fashion custom jewelry encounter, when the classical interpretation of the trend, Anna Hu and Jason Wu of the joint is not a common vision destined to pass, more like a host of classic and modern luxury festival, which is advanced custom jewelry Anna Hu the first cross-border stylish new start point, is about to sing the Chinese jewelry prelude to the world stage.

2010 will be staged at the Jason Wu fashion show a few months before the early morning, Anna Hu will always lay down the heavy hand work, with dreams burst into the Studio, and Jason Wu offer in the future design of hall, in their hearts do not always have a contaminated the Holy Land left to their own design, approval, argument, just a few hours of silence in alternating meetings, is designed so that they come together pure dream, is the diligent pursuit of perfection so that they burst forth in the discussion the spark of the soul.

In line with Jason Wu season Luxury Casual design concepts, Anna solid selection of black and white diamonds and black gold plating decorate the way to do marry Jason Wu. Wen Wansheng open white jasmine costumes dance masterpiece in the shake on top of the world, both seamlessly with for this season brings the most memorable Star bright.

Now, female fashion, art celebrities eager than ever to the works of Anna Hu, designer jewelry art with a shake of the soul, the most prosperous places in the United bloom elegant and refined fragrance.